Ini Edo disassociate self from badly written script


Beautiful and talented nollywood actress and movie producer, Ini Edo has revealed that she takes on roles because she has passion for the script or role given not because of the monetary value attached to it.

Following her recent chat with TheSun, Ini Edo has decided to be selective in the movies she features in by disassociating herself from bad written script saying, “Most times the worst script comes with lots of money.

“If a story is not so great, a producer would want to use you because he feels he needs somebody like you to bring it to life and they’d want to pay anything just to have you in it, but at the end of the day, when the film comes out, you feel bad you did it”.

She further explained that being passionate about a script is her utmost priority stating the facts that, “I don’t use money as a yardstick before going into a project. There’ve been some projects where the money wasn’t that great but because I really loved the script, I did it. So in all, I’m just taking my time and being selective”.


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