LASU: Representatives from WHO and NDLEA sensitises students over drug abuse


By Elizabeth Akindele

The Social Science Student Association, Lagos State University Chapter (SOSSA-LASU) held her “Drug Abuse Awareness Concert” to sensitize the students on drug abuse in the University Main Auditorium.

Representative of the World Health Organizations, Mrs Harshet Kur Virk highlighted the latest worrying trends in the Organisation. “Estimated 275 million people aged 15-64 years had used illicit drugs at least once in the past year. Estimated 31million are suffering from drug disorders. Illicit drugs use and dependency are rising.
Tramadol is widely trafficked for non-medical use in Africa. It is becoming a major threat in West Africa and North Africa from where some of it is trafficked onwards to countries in the Near and Middle East
While some Tramadol is diverted from illicit channels, most of the seized ones appear to have originated from clandestine laboratories. Benin Republic as small as it is has one of the largest global seizures if Tramadol. Apparently, the drugs are heading to Nigeria. Canabis Is the most abused drug globally.  192.2 million People of ages 15-64 are estimated to use cannabis annually.”
The W.H.O representative also discloses the risk factors for drug use and why people engage in use of drugs “Not every user is dependent.  but drug can cause impaired judgement Personality traits(sensation seeking,  aggressive, impulsive, Mental health disorders. Family neglect and abuse (abusive parenting, chaotic environments. Poor attachment to school and community (poor early education, negative school environment. Growing up in marginalized and deprived communities.
She also suggested what can be done to curtail some of the act by “Reduce supply and availability: various methods should be used to reduce or stop production and trafficking of illicit drugs. Controlling access to illicit drugs like alcohol and tobacco and over the counter sales. Drug-Demand Reduction demand through prevention methods like education and social support programmes
Education and information: general community and youths gathering. Treatment for drug user, etc
She advocates for administration of of drug through “Supply reduction, prevention, treatment, dependence treatment, prevention of health and social consequences, ensuring access to controlled drugs for medical purposes”.
Representative from National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) were also in attendance.


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