Mother throws out her baby out of a moving car

32-year-old mother Nicole Stasio who is suffering from a severe case of postnatal depression allegedly threw her baby girl out of a moving car, killing her.
According to the report from Bellanaija, Nicole Stasio was in Bali, where she had the baby just 2 months before.
Those who saw what happened, driver Wayan Siaj and tour guide Made Arimbawa , explained how Stasio who is an American, attempted killing herself after allegedly throwing the baby girl out of the vehicle.
According to them, they had been driving in silence, when she allegedly threw the 2-month-old out. The two however said they did not notice what had happened until they watched as she jumped out of the moving car.
She was taken to the hospital and her daughter was found with severe injuries not too far away from where she had jumped.
Authorities say they have been unable to question her due to the fact that she is in the hospital in “a severe state of depression”
Photo Credit : Nicole Joan Stasio


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